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Village Life- In Search of Food 19.04.2015
My Casita by the Sea 28.03.2015
S L O W Life in the Village 24.03.2015
Plan B in Belize 04.03.2015
Always Have a Plan B! 25.02.2015
Bangkok Blues 19.08.2014
BED BUGS! Coming soon to a hotel near you! 20.07.2014
Changing Africa- One Village at a Time 17.07.2014
Back on the (RTW) Road Again! 14.07.2014
Tanzanian Road Test 29.06.2014
I Move to a New Garden Apartment 20.05.2014
The Adventure of Haircuts on the Road 17.05.2014
Fruit Outside My Window 21.04.2014
My Garden Apartment in Tanzania 18.04.2014
I Win A Free Trip to Nairobi, Kenya! 17.04.2014
Bring Back Our Girls! 16.04.2014
Blog About THIS Blog and Blogging 26.03.2014
An Introduction to Kiswahili and the Gauni 20.03.2014
Safari Postcards from Tanzania 03.03.2014
My RTW- A Review of the First Year 28.02.2014
My Israeli Border Experience 31.01.2014
Christmas on the Road in Jordan 25.12.2013
Say "NO" to Terrorism 23.12.2013
Choosing Destinations for an RTW 20.12.2013
Seeking the Oracle in Delphi 16.12.2013
The Heights and Delights of Meteora 11.12.2013
Do You Like to Get High? 23.11.2013
World News Has New Meaning When Traveling 13.11.2013
The Museum of Broken Relationships 12.11.2013
Summer in La Goulette 28.10.2013
Monty Python in the Roman Ruins of Africa 23.10.2013
Adhan: The Call to Prayer 13.10.2013
My Passport is Stolen! 08.10.2013
How to Use a Squatty-Potty 01.10.2013
Selling OJ on the Djemaa el-Fna 21.09.2013
I Lose my Tan and my Modesty in a Hammam 16.09.2013
Bathing Beauties in Essaouira 05.09.2013
One More Must-See Sight (groan) 19.08.2013
In the End, It's Really Just Another Church, Isn't It? 15.08.2013
The Belle-Epoque of San Sebastian 12.08.2013
The Conundrum of Gibraltar 09.08.2013
Relief in Salamanca 04.08.2013
An Art Education in Madrid 30.07.2013
Waking to the Sound of Spain 26.07.2013
A Stopover in Tavira 22.07.2013
Postcards from Salema 18.07.2013
Palaces and Castles, O My! 13.07.2013
Punk'd in Lisboa, Portugal? 12.07.2013
Blatantly Bad Blogger 11.07.2013
Fabulous Fruit 15.06.2013
Exploring Bogota and Botero 21.05.2013
Salar de Uyuni Tour - Day 3 01.05.2013
Salar de Uyuni Tour - Day 2 30.04.2013
Salar de Uyuni Tour - Day 1 29.04.2013
A Day Wandering Isla del Sol 24.04.2013
Mi Torito 22.04.2013
A Top News Story is Close to "Home" 21.04.2013
I Find My Inner Amazon Woman 12.04.2013
Using ATMs on the Road 11.04.2013
Abancay, Peru 05.04.2013
Street Jobs 21.03.2013
Lessons in Counterfeit Money 14.03.2013
Making my way into Peru 13.03.2013
Some Misc. Notes from the Road 07.03.2013
Letting go... 25.02.2013